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Fall is a great time to refresh your home!

Is the inside of your home looking a little dated? Are you just wanting “something new and fresh?” You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to give your spaces a modern refresh.

1. Rugs. Adding a rug to a room is an easy way to brighten the space and add some color. Whether it is a large area run in a living room or dining area, or a seasonal rug in an entryway, you can add a rug almost anywhere to change the look and feel of the space. Change it out seasonally to keep it fresh or keep it until you’re ready for another change in looks.

Area Rug

2. Pillows. While you’re looking for a rug to complement a space, why not look for a few pillows to go along with it. Don’t overdo it, though. One or two pillows on a couch can add some fun and color to the space, but if you have to move all the pillows to sit on the couch, it won’t be long before they go from accent to annoyance.

3. Plants and focal pieces. Adding a live plant to an end table or in an entryway can easily change the feel of the space. If you aren’t the green thumb type, a fake plant or some other “centerpiece” like a bowl or seasonal items like a few pumpkins can add color and character on a table, in the kitchen, a bathroom or any space throughout your home.

Potted Plants

4. Picture walls. Whether it is a collection of family photos, pictures you have taken yourself, or a set theme like nature, colors, animals, etc. a thoughtfully placed and organized group of pictures creates a point of interest for people to look at and admire as well as potentially inspiring conversation about their content.

5. Lighting. Like a rug, centerpiece, or pictures a d new light fixture can add charm and character in an otherwise “plain space.” Consider a “statement fixture” in a space like the dining room. You can choose something like a classic chandelier or something more fun or modern that BECOMES the focus of the space it fills. As with many of these other items, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find something that represents your own personal style and catches people’s attention.


These are only a few ideas to refresh your space. You can be creative without spending a lot of money. Shop at thrift stores to find great deals on things that have character and will get a second chance to create a home.

Other ideas to consider could be a “statement chair”—either a statement color or style to create or become the focus of the space it fills. Specific patterns like stripes or plaids, or colors schemes in smaller spaces like bathrooms or entryways. Collections like crystals, bowls, antiques can create a focal point like plants or a centerpiece, but remember to keep it simple. Too much of a good thing starts to look like clutter, but a few well-placed similar things will gain notice and invite conversation about what and where they came from.

Be creative. Take chances. Be bold. If you try something and you don’t like it, none of these ideas are permanent. You can change them if it doesn’t work for you or whenever you are ready for another change.

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