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Frequently Asked Questions

Bid List

Q.   How can we get on your bid list?

A.   At this time we do not utilize a bid list to notify subcontractors of upcoming bids. Whenever we have an upcoming bid, the announcement is put on our homepage with links to supporting documents for the project. We also announce the bid via social media (follow us on Facebook for these announcements). The only time we specifically reach out for a bid is when we are missing an estimate for a particular trade. We do maintain a subcontractor list for this purpose. See the next question for information on being added to this list.

Sub List

Q.   How do we get added to your subcontractor list?

A.   While we do not send out general invitations for bidding, we do maintain a list of subcontractors and their trades for use when we are missing an estimate for a specific project. To be added to this list you may utilize the contact form found throughout this site, or email us directly at In your email, please include your name, email address, phone number, physical/mailing address, trade, website (if you have one), and any other relevant contact or business information you would like us to have.

Waivers & Documents

Q.   I am working on one of your projects and haven't received a contract, affidavit, lien waivers, etc. I have received them by email in the past, but are any of these forms available for me to complete as needed ahead of time?

A.   We have many documents available here on our website for you to use. At the top of our our Documents Page we have many of our most common forms available. Many of these forms can be completed on your computer and then printed or saved for you to sign and send to us.

We ask that you navigate back to this site, rather than downloading and saving the forms as they are amended from time to time, and completing and submitting an out of date form will delay processing your payment.

If you have questions regarding any of these forms, or need a form not found on the documents page, please feel free to contact us by phone at 801.798.2162 or email at

Get a Quote

Q.   We have an upcoming project (commercial, residential, or remodel). How can we get an estimate from you?

A.   There are multiple ways to get in touch with us regarding an estimate. Send an to email Use the contact form or use our general inbox at Tell us a little about the project you have in mind so we get a basic idea of the project scope. One of our estimators will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your project in further detail and get any plans you may have in order to make an accurate bid. You may also call us us directly to talk through the details of your project at 801.798.2162.

Home Builder

Q.   Do you build/remodel homes?

A.   We primarily focus on commercial construction projects. While commercial construction is our "bread and butter," we have built many homes throughout our years in business. There are several things to consider when looking to Majestic Builders to build or remodel your home. 

We likely will not be the cheapest. Because home construction isn't where we focus and because value total quality management rather than "cranking out an inferior result quickly" our estimate is likely not going to be the lowest you receive. We will, however guaranty your satisfaction with the final product. When we do build homes, we do not build a spec home. We build from your custom set of plans, which is another reason we will not be the cheapest.

Also, we keep a constant work load in our line up. This means we will need to work your new home construction into our schedule. In many cases, this means we may not be able to begin construction for 6 months or more.

We'd love to build your new dream home with you if these conditions also work for you.


Q.   How do we submit a pay request, and when will we receive payment?

A.   While we do not REQUIRE a pay request for you to receive payment for work completed to date, we do have one available on our website on the Documents Page. If you do use the form, we prefer you use the Excel Form as it is saved with formulas to complete all the values for you. Whether or not you utilize the form, we do request an invoice braking down the specific work and materials for which you are requesting payment.

  • We typically turn in our pay requests to the project owner or architect for review and approval on or around the 1st of each month. In order for your payment to be included on the request it must be received BEFORE the first day of the month. We typically request you have it in at least a few days earlier in case there are any questions or clarification is needed.

  • Of course, we want to be paid as quickly as possible as well, and try to cut payments to subcontractors immediately upon receipt of payment from the project owner. However, once we turn in the pay request we do not control the turnaround time from the owner.

  • TO FACILITATE A SPEEDY REMITTANCE please ensure you have submitted any and all required paperwork - specifically the required lien waivers but also your agreement, contract/work order, affidavit, business license, insurance certificates, submittals, O&Ms, and warranties. Failure to submit any of these documents will likely delay the processing of your payment.

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