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  • Aaron Hales

Spring Home Improvement Projects

While Spring weather may be unpredictable, it is a great time to do a few projects around your home. Whether you are looking to "spruce things up a bit" or getting ready to sell your home, there are several things you can do to improve both the look and function of your home. You'll be glad you started now before the heat of summer kicks in, and it'll free you up for that summer vacation your family wants to do later as well.

It may be a time consuming and tedious project, but painting will do wonders for the look of your home--whether inside or out. Specifically outside, weather takes a toll on any paint you may have. From a distance you may not recognize it, but climb on a ladder and you may see how much damage there actually is.

Scrape off that flaking paint on siding or a fence and then apply a fresh coat. If you're feeling extra adventurous--choose a bold new color to accent your brick, stucco, rock or other features. While you're at it, how's your front door looking? Is it a little shabby too, or maybe just plain? Splash a fresh coat of paint on that while you're at it. Choose a color that makes the front of your house stand out in the neighborhood.

While you may not be up for a major landscaping project like new planters, grass, or even a fountain simply spending some time and attention to what you already have can make a HUGE difference to the look around your home. Weed those flower beds and apply some early fertilizer so your lawn comes back quickly and greener than last year. When was the last time your cut back those rose bushes, hedges or other plants that are looking a little overgrown. A quick trim with some hedge clippers will give your yard a more sculpted look that will match the new coat of paint you just put on.

Looking for a few more projects you can do around your home? See the article below for more ideas.

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